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    Adding AMD Radeon HD 7350 card


      My system is a Dell inspiron with Win 10. I installed a new AMD Radeon HD 7350 card in order to get a dual display.

      The card shows in the device manager, and the driver is up to date.

      Intel graphic control panel does not give the option of dual display, thus does not seem to recognize the second card.

      All cables and display tested and working. AMD best driver used (ask AMD direct).

      thanks for your help

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          Al Hill

          It is very likely that you can use the intel graphics, or the amd graphics, but not both at the same time.


          You SHOULD not need the amd card for dual displays, as your DELL motherboard likely has multiple video outputs (i.e. vga, dvi, hdmi, dp).  And, if you choose to use the AMD card, it should also support multiple outputs.  And, I would not expect the Intel control panel to see the amd, and vice versa.


          However, go into the dell bios, and take a look at their video settings.  You can figure it out from there, or contact Dell support.