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    AC-9560 has same speed as using ethernet connection




      i recently bought a wireless adapter (AC-9560). i'm expectiing that my internet connectivity will be faster than using ethernet cable connection but when i ran a speedtest, the result was same speed when im using an ethernet cable. is there some configuration needed to do to enjoy intel's promised speed using AC-9560 as advertised? if so, please guide me through.


      here's my computer specs: (desktop)

      - intel i3 8th gen processor

      - gigabyte aorus b360 motherboard (Intel® CNVi 802.11ac Wave2 2T2R WIFI Upgradable)

      - 8Gb RAM

      - Radeon RX 560 series GPU

      - intel wireless AC-9560 driver version


      my router supports 5Ghz  a+n+ac wireless connection and i am currently connected to it.