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    No Intel Virtual RAID on CPU


      Hi there,


      I have a new Intel Server System R2208WFTZS with 2 Xeon4114 CPU's and an installed VROCPEMMOD Raid Key (this is the key for 3rd parity SSD'S).

      I have installed 2 Samsung PM863a Enterprise SSD drives and have connected the drives with the board with AXXCBL600CVCR (for each drive a cable).

      So far so good. I flashed the newest BIOS on the System and the System runs.



      I can see the in the volume device Managemnt both SSD's

      but in the UEFI Option ROM Control won't appear the

      Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU

      entry, so cannot build any raid with my SSD drives


      What I have already done:

      I have changed the VROCPEMMOD Raid Key

      I bring System up with only one CPU installed


      No effect - I cannot see the entry Intel Virtual RAID on CPU


      Any suggestions / ideas?


      Thank You