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    X552 PHY EEPROM NVM Image




      I am trying to update the PHY EEPROM on the X552 on my system, but cannot find the image binary file required alongside the for the MAC EEPROM.


      Below are the 2 NICs I am trying to configure

      Below is the version of the NVM Image for the X552's MAC EEPROM I have used (BDXDE_SFP_PLUS_LED_LO_NO_MNG_1.13v02_800006D4.bin)

      I am looking for the respective BDXDE_KR_BACKPLANE_LED_LO_NO_MNG_1.13 binary, as using the same binary file above is not compatible and leads to the error message below.


      I would greatly appreciate a lead to the file required to complete this update process, thank you!