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    USB 3.0 Not Working Properly


      I have a very new Dell laptop touchscreen (Inspiron 15, 3567), 

      It's running Windows 10 pro.

      Everything is updated, on Microsoft and Dell and Intel sites.

      The machine has two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port.

      The USB 3.0 ports intermittently fail to recognize USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices.  I have a USB 3.0 DVD-RW external burner.  If I plug it into the USB 2.0 drive, it always works and I can hot swap it in or out and it works.  Same with a SATA to USB 3.0 SSD drive (the USB cable is SATA to connect to the drive and USB 3.0 on the other end to connect to the USB ports).  If I hot swap plug it into the USB 2.0 drive, no problem.  I further have a USB 2 wireless mouse.  Same issue - works and hot swaps in or out of the USB 2.0 port.


      IF I plug any of these devices into the USB 3.0 drives BEFORE I boot the machine up, most of the time they will be recognized and be just fine.  Intermittently, they won't be recognized by the USB 3.0 port even when pre-plugged-in (prior to boot).

      IF I don't plug these devices into the USB 3.0 drives before I boot, and plug them in after booting, they almost always fail to be seen by my computer and there is no function.

      Likewise, If I DO plug in any of these devices into the USB 3.0 ports prior to booting; AND if I later properly eject the device and remove it; the USB 3.0 port from which I've removed it will NOT allow me to plug one of these devices into it again.  It's like the USB 3.0 ports are only hot when a device is plugged into one or both of them prior to booting and they will remain hot only until a device is removed, at which time, the port(s) turn off.


      Curiously, an old wired USB Kensington keyboard can be plugged into either USB 3.0 port, unplugged, plugged back in, unplugged, and the hot swapping works for the keyboard.


      And all of these devices work just fine no matter when I hot swap them in or out of the USB 2.0 port.


      I have tried uninstalling all the USB drivers and reinstalling.  I've tried to change settings like not letting the computer turn power off for the unused USB ports to save battery power.  I've tried resetting the fast-startup so that the machine (which has an SSD for a hard drive and is very fast all on it's own) doesn't boot in fast-startup (one knowledgeable person seemed to think that fast-startup can bypass the USB controller settings).  None of this worked.


      Obviously, I'd like all my ports to work all the time.  I've spent a day of my time dealing with this.  I was online with the Dell Support people and tomorrow I'm taking this laptop to the Geek Squad (I bought this at Best Buy) but I think I might know more about this machine than they do.


      I did order a USB 2.0 four-port splitter and a USB 3.0 four-port splitter.  Since devices DO show up if they are preplaced on boot, I'm thinking that this may work.  However, it also occurs to me that if I want to add a USB device while the computer is running, I'm only going to be able to add to the USB 2.0 splitter hub and be limited to 1/10th the promised transfer speed of 3.0.


      I will bet that if anyone figures this out, it's a Windows 10 problem OR it's and Intel problem for not designing the controllers for USB 3.0 to work with Windows 8 and 10.  A Google search has a lot of people with similar issues with just USB 3.0 ports.  And Intel does NOT make special controllers for Windows 8 & 10 USB 3.0 ports.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello TommyAnderson
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          Intel provides technologies to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for their designs, in this case, each manufacturer would customize what features are available on their configuration, therefore, we recommend continuing the troubleshooting of this behavior with the OEM.
          Hope this helps.
          Leonardo C.
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            That's not a very satisfying answer, Leonardo.  I spent my money on a machine by Dell.  But Dell paid Intel for the defective driver.  I don't much enjoy being told to go back to Dell.  Dell spent two hours trying to figure this out and could not.  They said, "Well, it works (from remote control they couldn't see anything not working) from our point of view, so it much be a software problem so we'll charge you to talk about it.  What I would rather see as an answer is that someone from Intel contacted someone at Dell to find out what the problem is and how it can be repaired.  I have no hot swapping.  Understand, Leonardo, Dell told me to troubleshoot this with Intel.  Now Intel is telling me to go to Dell.  My online research indicates that others have this same problem only with Intel chips.  Further, it looks like Intel has not written a new driver for USB 3.0 since Windows 7.  And it further appears that Intel is going to end the current driver support in January.  Seems to me that neither Intel nor Dell is going to make sure this works for me.  So, the guy who pays you is ME.  It's not really Intel.  I mean, yeah, you get a paycheck from Intel.  But without customers like me, there is no Intel.  And AMD doesn't apparently have this problem.  I guess what I'm going to have to do is take this machine back to Best Buy within the next week and buy something with AMD. 

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              Al Hill

              You paid Dell and Best Buy, not Intel.


              Aside from your response being rude, you are incorrect about the USB 3 driver.  It comes from Microsoft (for Windows 10), not Intel.


              And, what you really do not understand is that DELL is solely responsible for supporting you and your new laptop, and would be the same if you purchased a Dell laptop with an AMD processor.


              There is a lot you need to learn about support, and how to respond to those who are trying to help you.



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                Dell is a bunch of scumbags. They punt on support and make excuses right and left. People need to start standing up to them and demanding that they provide the support that their warranty entitles them to - and without lying to the customer and saying that they only get that level of support if you pay extra for it. The people in Europe have even more opportunity (and laws) to go after them with. Start doing it!


                Off my soapbox now...