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    RealSense D435 - hardware reset (How to..)



      I'm using RS2 D435, on Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS kinetic.


      I'm having a problem of camera working once after connecting to the USB, then it stops to work when i try again.


      I've seen in the forum that hardware reset command is suggested.

      Since i'm new to linux in general, i'm not sure how to implement it in document.

      My ambition is to run that document through my ROS launch-file and make it become seamless.


      I would appreciate if you kindly guide me through the following steps:


      1. a piece of code to implement in document.

      2. how should that document be called? file-name.py/something else?

      3. how to embed it into my launch-file.


      solution to only some of the steps would also be fine.