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    Intel Realsense 415 - Laser hot disabled


      recently we got our hands on to Intel Realsense 415 to launch on site, after running for about 20 mins it starts to heat up.. shows the error "Laser hot disabled" and turns off the IR emitter.

      We tried to lower down resolution and fps too, but still no effect. we also tested inside office where its cooler, but still the same.

      Can anyone help? Is it some settings gone wrong or the product is faulty?

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          Dorodnic the RealSense SDK Manager has said: "The only side-effect of the projector overheating I am aware of is that the camera can decide to turn-off the laser (and continue to work based on ambient light)".  He adds in a different discussion, "the camera is allowed to turn-off the emitter in an event of overheating or electrical failure", and "it can be an unlikely production flaw" in that particular camera.


          I have never encountered a case where the "Laser hot ... disabled" message was triggered, which in itself indicates that your case of overheating is an unusual one that appears to go beyond normal heating-up of the projector


          If you wish to return the camera for a replacement, the details for filing a returns claim can be found in the link below.  The 40 Series cameras have a 30-day return policy and a 1-year warranty.


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