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    Intel Optane Memory "used" out of sealed packaging + packaging doesn't look authentic INTEL?




      I bought Intel Optane Memory Module 16GB PCIe M.2 80mm(MEMPEK1W016GAXT) from a rather popular/big retailer.

      When received, the box/packaging was plain white with NO Intel logo/brand on. All the packaging/boxes I've seen is the distinct blue INTEL Optane boxes.

      Immediately concerned I tried to open the box with my nail, and was helped by the person giving it to me to see the content. There was an INTEL Optane "device" in the box covered in brown box material. Checking closer, i noticed the memory has already been used, i.e. marks on the connection points.

      When asking them about this I was told that perhaps INTEL tested this. A little later the same guy showed me that it was never fastened (no marks where the screw fastens the memory to the motherboard)

      I was asked if I'm going to take it or not, and when replied no, I'm not taking used/2nd hand hardware I was told that they'll order another one but everything will be EXACTLY the same, mentioning packaging, seal etc.

      From my knowledge, neither INTEL nor anyone else that I know of takes random hardware from the production line, test it and then package, seal and ship to be sold.

      Also, the packaging (box) didn't look normal and there was also nothing else in the packaging for example the manual that I see on INTEL'S site.

      What's in the Box for Intel® Optane™ Memory Series


      Urgently advise as asked about INTEL testing equipment and also the strange, unfamiliar, non branded non labeled packaging/box it was in.


      Kind regards,