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    9900k stock downclock




      After installing windows 10 with a freshly made installation usb media and updating all mobo related drivers, I decided to run prime95 on a whim. I saw my frequencies in all cores drop to the low 2 ghz with temps at around 60C.


      in bios, only XMP activated.

      mobo: c9z390-cgw

      ram: 32gb 3400mhz

      ssd: 1tb samsung 970 evo

      no gpu yet, display connected to mobo. will install 2080 once at home (late delivery)

      cpu cooler: h115i pro 280mm (kryonaut)


      Is the downclocking a function of some setting, or is it possibly improper installation of cooler such that i am being throttled by thermal monitoring? I installed windows just fine and pretty quickly, and exhaust air has been pretty cool. Idle at low 30's C.


      My next steps for troubleshooting was to install GPU and let windows auto update online after I get home, run various benchmarks to compare with other documented 9900k stock benchmarks, run stress and watch clock/temp real time, and to turn things such as speedstep and speedshift off and repeat tests. If overheating seems to be an issue, i will reinstall cooler.


      Any suggestions or insights are appreciated.