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    DQ45CB AMT_LED Flashing at power on


      Hi, I have a desktop having Intel DQ45CB board. When I put the PC on power and press the power button, it does not respond immediately. I've noticed that the AMT_LED red lamp is flashing. A few seconds later (maybe 10 sec) the PC starts to boot on its own. At this time the AMT_LED stays red without flashing.

      When I try to shut down the PC, it fails to power off. The operating system shuts down, but the PC is like it's trying to restart. The disks and fun stop and immediately start-up again. It does not boot again, but it's doing this all the time without being able to shut down. So, it stops and immediately starts again over and over again. I have to remove the power cord.

      When I put the power cord back in, then the same thing happens, i.e. the AMT_LED is flashing and although I press the power button, it only responds a few seconds later, but it continues where it was left, i.e. powering off and on. This time I have to keep the power button pressed for 10 sec to power off. When I press it again, then a few seconds later starts-up normally.

      I removed memory and I could hear three long beeps. Does this mean there's something wrong with the power supply of the PC or could it be something else?


      Thank you very much in advance.