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    Драйвер uwd_win64_25.20.100.6444


      После обновления драйвера на uwd_win64_25.20.100.6444 перестал отображаться значок контрольной панели в области уведомлений. При нажатии правой кнопкой мыши на рабочем столе свойства Intel графической системы отсутствует. При нажатии Ctrl+Alt+F12 панель открывается, но появляются один за другим таблички "Не удается выполнить действие. Файл не читаем", хотя панель открывается.

      Переустановка драйвера с полным удалением предыдущего с помощью Display Driver Uninstaller не помогает.

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          So first off, I explicitly instructed to use Windows Apps and Features to uninstall the driver, no other method or tool. UWD drivers are designed differently than Legacy drivers, so I don't know if your Display Driver Uninstaller is designed to uninstall a UWD driver correctly or not. If it's old, I'd assume not. If not, you could be leaving your computer in a bad state and further complicating matters.

          2nd, do you have an internet connection during the installation process/reboot for Windows to download the UWP Intel Control Panel app from the Microsoft Store?

          3rd, verify the driver version after you install it and reboot. If you have an OEM platform, Windows Update is designed to automatically revert all drivers back to OEM drivers. So if you're in-between Windows Update doing this and needing another reboot, I could see the Graphics Control Panel not working correctly.




          After updating the driver to uwd_win64_25.20.100.6444, the control panel icon in the notification area has stopped showing. When you click the right mouse button on the desktop, the properties of the Intel graphics system are missing. When you press Ctrl + Alt + F12, the panel opens, but one after the other signs appear that “Cannot perform an action. The file is not readable”, although the panel opens.

          Reinstalling the driver with a complete removal of the previous one using the Display Driver Uninstaller does not help.

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            Unfortunately, the setup did not work out. Returned to Intel HD Graphics Drivers Everything is in order here. Thanks for participating.

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              Hi, when you reverted back to 6373, please ensure you completely uninstalled the 6444 driver via Windows Apps & Features (not Device Manager) and rebooting before reinstalling the 6373. If you do not, your system is in an unstable state and may present unknown issues.

              If you did not, please follow those steps now to ensure system stability. Thanks.

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                Yes, and made all. The system works normally. Thanks for participation.