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    Enabling double VLAN support on I210 Gig Network Card


      Hello everyone,


      I'd like to request some advice in the following issue:


      I'm trying to enable double tagging (ethernet 802.1ad aka QnQ) in a server with NIC Card I210 running Ubuntu Server 18.04.1


      According to the README file for igb- driver I can enable double tagging by typing the following ethool command:


      # ethtool --set-priv-flags eth2 vlan-stag-rx on


      The problem is that ethtool is not recognizing the vlan-stag--rx flag:


      root@ubu_xrdp_iperf_flent:/home/ubutest# ethtool --set-priv-flags eno2 vlan-stag-rx on

      ethtool: bad command line argument(s)



      I installed the latest version of ethtool: 4.19 and the server came with the following driver version:


      root@ubu_xrdp_iperf_flent:/home/ubutest# lshw -C network


             description: Ethernet interface

             product: I210 Gigabit Network Connection

             vendor: Intel Corporation

             physical id: 0

             bus info: pci@0000:06:00.0

             logical name: eno1

             version: 03

             serial: 0c:c4:7a:30:c8:1e

             size: 1Gbit/s

             capacity: 1Gbit/s

             width: 32 bits

             clock: 33MHz

             capabilities: pm msi msix pciexpress bus_master cap_list ethernet physical tp 10bt 10bt-fd 100bt 100bt-fd 1000bt-fd autonegotiation

             configuration: autonegotiation=on broadcast=yes driver=igb driverversion=5.4.0-k duplex=full firmware=3.11, 0x80000466 ip= latency=0 link=yes multicast=yes port=twisted pair speed=1Gbit/s


      So, the only different parameter is the driver version, as the README file is for igb- and the one installed is igb-5.4.0.K which by the way is not yet listed on Intel's drivers download page.


      Should I downgrade the driver version to for double tagging to work? I would expect that a higher version (5.4.0) should support previous release features.


      Or, If there is something else I'm missing please let me know.


      as of now if I display priv flags for interface eno2, this is what I got:


      root@ubu_xrdp_iperf_flent:/home/ubutest# ethtool --show-priv-flags eno2

      Private flags for eno2:

      legacy-rx: off


      While what it should show is:

      # ethtool --show-priv-flags eth2

        Private flags for eth2:

        vlan-stag-rx : on

        vlan-stag-filter : on



      I'd appreciate any clue that might help solving this problem



      Thank you.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hi olg32,

          Thank you for posting in Intel Communities.

          Please share the ethtool -k output of your I210 card.

          Best Regards,

          Vince T.
          Intel Customer Support

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            Hi Vince,


            Here you are:


            root@ubu_xrdp_iperf_flent:/home# ethtool -k eno2

            Features for eno2:

            rx-checksumming: on

            tx-checksumming: on

                    tx-checksum-ipv4: off [fixed]

                    tx-checksum-ip-generic: on

                    tx-checksum-ipv6: off [fixed]

                    tx-checksum-fcoe-crc: off [fixed]

                    tx-checksum-sctp: on

            scatter-gather: on

                    tx-scatter-gather: on

                    tx-scatter-gather-fraglist: off [fixed]

            tcp-segmentation-offload: on

                    tx-tcp-segmentation: on

                    tx-tcp-ecn-segmentation: off [fixed]

                    tx-tcp-mangleid-segmentation: off

                    tx-tcp6-segmentation: on

            udp-fragmentation-offload: off

            generic-segmentation-offload: on

            generic-receive-offload: on

            large-receive-offload: off [fixed]

            rx-vlan-offload: on

            tx-vlan-offload: on

            ntuple-filters: off

            receive-hashing: on

            highdma: on [fixed]

            rx-vlan-filter: on [fixed]

            vlan-challenged: off [fixed]

            tx-lockless: off [fixed]

            netns-local: off [fixed]

            tx-gso-robust: off [fixed]

            tx-fcoe-segmentation: off [fixed]

            tx-gre-segmentation: on

            tx-gre-csum-segmentation: on

            tx-ipxip4-segmentation: on

            tx-ipxip6-segmentation: on

            tx-udp_tnl-segmentation: on

            tx-udp_tnl-csum-segmentation: on

            tx-gso-partial: on

            tx-sctp-segmentation: off [fixed]

            tx-esp-segmentation: off [fixed]

            fcoe-mtu: off [fixed]

            tx-nocache-copy: off

            loopback: off [fixed]

            rx-fcs: off [fixed]

            rx-all: off

            tx-vlan-stag-hw-insert: off [fixed]

            rx-vlan-stag-hw-parse: off [fixed]

            rx-vlan-stag-filter: off [fixed]

            l2-fwd-offload: off [fixed]

            hw-tc-offload: off [fixed]

            esp-hw-offload: off [fixed]

            esp-tx-csum-hw-offload: off [fixed]

            rx-udp_tunnel-port-offload: off [fixed]


            Please let me know if you need further details.



            Thank you.

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              Intel Corporation
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              Hi olg32,

              Thanks for providing the features of your I210. 

              Based on the output, the stag is fixed to off. The MAC address (0c:c4:7a:30:c8:1e) shows it is a Supermicro I210 card. We would suggest to get in touch with them if there's option to turn this on.

              Best Regards,

              Vince T.
              Intel Customer Support