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    RealSense SDK 2.0 Frequent Synchronization Loss


      Good afternoon.

      I have a solution that uses RealSense SDK 2016 R3.

      Camera (SR300) is very unstable - frequent synchronization loss.



      I am started integrating SDK 2.0 hoping that it's more stable.

         - If I align depth to color (or color to depth), I am able to perform necessary calculations (because in this case software needs only vertices), but depth values I receive are jumpy and inconsistent and output is not acceptable.

         - If I don't align frames, I am able calculate vertices and UV Map without aligning frames, but I cannot figure out how to calculate InvUVMap (software requires it as an input if frames are not aligned). Besides, calling PointCloud's Calculate leads to frequent synchronization loss between color and depth streams. Moreover, sometimes points returned are equal to null.

         - I do not see the workaround or other solution of the problem.


      I read various questions and tried various solutions (this one Getting float depth data  in particular) posted on this board but I cannot achieve acceptable result.