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    realsense product integration


      We are currently focused on integrating an Intel Realsense into our application (drone navigation module). Towards this end we are including a Real Sense Vision Processor D4 card and the Real Sense Depth Depth Module D420 in our design. We have a lot of problems with the USB communication of the D4 vision processor and our host machine UP Squared.


      Is Intel able to help us on the product integration side? And how may we reach out to them? Also on a side note; we recently came accros this IC: MU82645DES S LM6B (https://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Intel/MU82645DES-S-LM6B?qs=sGAEpiMZZMve4%2fbfQkoj%252bKkPYbP1PNbSVqYiOfXEn6s%3d) which seems to be the core of the D4 vision processor? But I am unable to find any reference designs / application circuits for this IC. Does Intel have these?

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          It is possible to access deeper technical support from Intel than is normally publicly available by registering as a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) customer with Intel.  This enables customers to access advanced support through an interface called Zendesk.  The process for registering for an NDA is not very clearly defined though, with advice such as "Contact your local Intel representative" or "open a support ticket".  I believe that what they are referring to is using the Intel Support website to connect with a support representative in your region of the world.


          Contact Intel Support


          The Vision Processor D4 can be integrated in two ways.  You can either integrate the D4 chip and its supporting components onto the motherboard of the hardware providing the computer processing, or you can use a PCB 'bridge' board called the 'Vision Processor D4 Board'.


          Here is an example of the Vision Processor D4 Board on the site of FRAMOS, an Intel Approved Distributor.


          Vision Processor D4 Board | Industrial Computers | Accessories | FRAMOS


          System integration details for the D4 can be found in Intel's data sheet document for the 400 Series cameras, from page 71 onward.


          Datasheet and Spec Update for Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series


          In regard to your USB problems with the Up Board, could you provide more details, please?  You can do this as a private message to me if you prefer not to disclose details of your product on this public forum discussion.  If you are connecting the camera to the Up Board via the OTG micro-port rather than the full-size USB 3.0 port on the Up Squared, issues with USB related to power delivery have previously occurred with the basic Up Board model when used with the RealSense 400 Series.  A mains-powered USB hub should provide sufficient power to the OTG port, though I appreciate that this may not be ideal for your product.


          If you are using the OTG port for the camera, an alternate method to try would be to use Up's official OTG cable.



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            Hi MartyG,


            Thank you for your response. I am currently in the process of having privileged access through the Rsource & Design Center. Does this also include the Zendesk customer interface?





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              It looks as though part of the registration process for the Intel Resource and Design Center involves the need to be granted a CNDA (Corporate Non Disclosure Agreement).  When you make your registration application, if you do not have a CNDA at the time of registration then its says that an Intel account manager contacts you directly to set the NDA setup process in motion.


              Register for a Privileged Intel Account


              I get the sense that support for members of the Resource and Design Center is separate from the public community support provided by the Intel Support department.  Whilst I cannot find evidence that the R&DC make use of Zendesk, whatever private contact channels they have in place should still be effective.