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    Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 Keeps Dropping Internet Connection


      My Intenet has been on the fritz for months and I believe I have reached a breaking point.

      Every 30 Mins or so my internet will drop, this will then force me to troubleshoot which displays an ethernet cable logo with a red cross on the wifi logo before I can reconnect.


      After testing everything I can think of I believe the network adapter is the culprit.

      I want to figure out whether or not I can fix this software or if I'll need to buy a completely new card.

      I've attached the support files with Network information.


      I've already tried the following.


      1. Updating The Driver
      2. Uninstalling The Driver And Reinstalling
      3. Splitting The Signal (In case it was a router issue)
      4. Bought A New Router (In case it was a router issue)
      5. Tried all the tips that I've seen on other community forums


      Any help is appreciated.