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    DG31PR Desktop board cant get on the internet


      I bought a computer from a building company my daughter used to for about 4 years ago. I haven't done anything with till now. The computer I put in Window XP Pro. I have no problems when I did with other pc's But this one cant get on the  internet. The network adapter in Device Manager says is working good.  OTHER DEVICES have a yellow "?". PCI device to blame. I have the pc hooked directly to comcast router via cat5 (I have tried 2 other cat5 cables) but it cannot get on the net. I even re-programed windows thinking something there went wrong first time installed. I have downloaded drivers for all aspects to the DG31PR MOBO via my laptop, burn to dvd then install to DG31PR WITH NO LUCK!  Also I have no sound can I tell it play thru pc speaker. plenty are listed, but greyed out. Would not having external speakers NOT attached be the issue? Over the years I've built computers so im somewhat knowledgeable. I have run the " create new connection the same way I have before with no issues. GRR  Could it be a BIOS setting some CORPERATE IT guy changed so it could only see intranet and not internet?  MOBO jumper to blame?   I'm starting to thing of buying new mobo and swap out this one when I find out maybe this one has gone bad.  THANK YOU all who reply