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    Intel S2600CP cannot boot to windows with HBA card


      Hi everyone,


      I'm having trouble booting into windows when my HBA card is connected to its drives. I am using a LSI 9211-8i SATA/SAS HBA card connected to 6 drives. My boot OS is connected to one of the onboard sata ports. If all of the HBA data cables are not connected to the drives, the machine boots right into windows. The problem is when the HBA sata cables are connected, the machine gets stuck at the BIOS screen and continues in an endless loop until I unplug the drives. My hardware is as follows:


      Intel S2600CP flashed to R02.06.0006

      LSI 9211-8i HBA card is flashed to IT mode

      Storage drives are a mix of WD whites and reds

      OS drive is 512GB SSD


      The ONLY workaround is plugging in the data cables after the OS loads so I can access the drives. I thought maybe it was the sata configuration mode in the BIOS but all options don't work except for AHCI. I'm not running RAID or anything like that. Boot sequence is normal for both scenarios, just gets stuck at BIOS screen. I can hit F2, but it never actually enters the BIOS. Here is the screen it gets stuck on