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    GPU rendering with Radeon RX Vega M (openCL) vs built-in INTEL GPU


      Aloha I have a HIGAME CHIWI with Core i7 8709G 16 gig ram. Radeon RX Vega M GL, win 10 1809


      I have adobe premiere and media encoder 2018 . There is some issue with adobe using the  which GPU to render.


      I have a forum issue over at ADOBE as well, but perhaps you might be able to shed insight or replicate with

      issue to ADOBe. Over in their forums suggest disable INTEL GPU (device manager ). switching GPU 0 vs GPU 1


      I disable Intel GPU. only render CPU,

      Have both enable render with INTEL GPU only/


      Looking the in registry under local machine// khronos/ vendor)

      only see one registry for openCL. (this I assume that it points to internal INTEL GPU )


      ?should there be registry entry for the openCL for Radeon???





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          Hello sgee,

          Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.

          The question you are asking right now would fall directly into support by Adobe* because it depends on how the software has been developed to know exactly how it shows in the registry. We do not recommend modifying or changing anything from the registry unless with Microsoft's assistance. 

          I would recommend you to wait for the response from Adobe* so they can assist you further. 

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