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    Intel 3165 Slow Drops Connection


      I have a ProBook 470 G3 with an Intel 3165 WiFi card, running Windows 10 Pro.  I have a 40MB connection.  All my devices - PC, Phone and Tablet get 35MB speeds, but the Intel card is anywhere from 3-20MB and it frequently drops the signal.  It also only sees my network whereas my other devices all see 10+ networks when searching for a new network.  When I first got the machine I put Windows 7 on it and does the same thing(Linux too), but HP support helped me getting working normally.  The only thing I remember is them switching some setting on the WiFi properties page in Windows 7 from half to full, but I didn't see a similar setting in Windows 10.  Is there something I an do to fix this?  Thanks for any help.