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    i9 9900k whea_uncorrectable_error BSOD in game what to do?


      Hi, I got my i9 9900k and my Asus XI Forumla Extream motherboard 4 days ago.

      it was working ok in windows 10. But as soon I start playing World Of Warcraft I get random BSOD.
      First I got an IRQ BSOD, Next time the game just freezes, after that the next BSOD was an Whea_uncorrectable_error. The one after that was an watchdog timeout BSOD code.
      There is no info in the event logs when this happens, besides that, an reboot has been triggered.


      I have done memory test no problems.
      Disk tests no problem
      Fumark test no problem
      3d mark stress test, and benchmark no problem
      Prim95 - 30 - 40 min no problem
      Intel Burner test 10-15 min no problem


      I do have default bios settings, so no manual clocking. Windows 10 up to date, latest bios and lates nvidia drivers for my RTX 2080 TI card.


      I think I remember the first crash I saw something about CPU Cache could not be read or conflicted. But I'm not sure. I can't find where I saw this info.
      If it was in an early Event log or something. I did a reinstall of Windows 10 as a test so I do not have any history of older logs. The new installation did not fix anything either.


      I can play the game in 10 min = Freeze or BSOD
      I can sometimes play 1-2h then freeze or BSOD


      I don't know what to do. I can't find any test that makes this happen more generally. So it's so hard to understand if it's a faulty CPU or not.
      I saw that some post start to exist from last day regarding the same issue with i9 9900k processors...


      Any clue what to do? what I can test that really can pinpoint if the processor is a bad one?


      best, Johan