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    Galileo board - Using two serial i/o interconnections - Arduino Serial2 through 3.5mm jack


      I'm using the Galileo board with the Arduino-IDE. I'm using the board on 3.3V by setting IOREF.


      I need to have 2 serial ports available to connect to two devices working on 3.3V.
      I'm currently using:

      -Serial: USB communication to PC

      -Serial1: pin 0-1 connection to one device


      I need another serial port for the other device but:

      -Serial2 seems connected to the 3.5mm jack
      -Software serial Arduino library is not supported


      Following the first possibility, I connected a jack, opened the cable and connected the internal TX-RX wires to my second device, but it doesn't work.


      I checked the interconnections with a multimiter and they are ok, so the problem isn't in faulty cables.
      Still the jack works on 5V, so I put a voltage regulator on the interconnection to translate the 5V into 3.3V.


      I checked the serial communication with a logic analyzer (before and after the voltage regulator) and nothing is sent through the RX-TX lines of the jack.

      My program is simply something like:


      void setup() {

        Serial.begin(9600); //USB communication

        Serial1.begin(19200); //first device pin 0-1

        Serial2.begin(19200); //second device jack


      void loop() {

           //take string str from USB Serial
           //send it to the 2 devices
          //if the string is received, the devices send and ACK acknowlegde on the serial line and I print it on the PC screen.




      It compiles without any problem Serial1 works perfectly, but Serial2, which is the jack, remains silent.
      How can I solve the problem?