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    How much power can I expect the Vega GL GPU to draw?


      I can see in XTU that the CPU under steady state full load draws about 45W, my Vega GL is not working at full power due to issues with HP BIOS but downclocked to 535 MHz it draws 28W, taking these two numbers together the laptop would spike to 73W in a game which is higher than the 65W total rating.


      Should I be worried about this?

      Also, 28W is with the GPU at 535 MHz, at 1011MHz it will draw far more power and I want to know how it behaves if I load both the GPU and CPU in a video game or a video render export, what takes priority over power draw? CPU or GPU? can I decide which one?

      I have experienced the very unpleasant drop to 800MHz on the CPU which only goes away after a restart of the software I'm running.