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    Intel i9-9900K Package Loading Specifications/Heatsink Torque Question


      Hi all,


      I have recently built a new system from the ground up using the i9-9900K and the NZXT X62 280mm AIO cooler.


      I wanted to understand if anyone can advise how much torque needs to be applied to the heatsink and pump thumbscrews to stay within processor specifications?


      I consulted with the i9-9900K datasheet:



      This datasheet is original for the 8th gen processors but the page title clearly shows "8th and 9th Generation...." so I assume it applies.


      Table 8-2 under section 8-2 shows nothing for S-Processor line (per table 8-1, the i9-9900k more closely aligns to the S-Processor Line given the core and pin count specified in the table). There are however two values for the H-Processor line:


      - 67 N (15 lbf)

      - 111 N (25 lbf)


      Obviously, these units are Newtons and NOT Newton meters so I'm not sure how they're supposed to apply for application of torque to a heatsink. I'm obviously misunderstanding the intent of the section...


      Does anyone know what is the safe Nm to apply to a heatstink in order to ensure proper contact with the IHS? I would like to use the torque wrench to avoid any doubt.