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    Toshiba Satellite with Intel Centrino Wireless-N2230 network adapter having DNS issues


      A couple days ago my Toshiba Satellite P75 started having issues connecting to the internet. Troubleshooting returned the DNS server is not responding message, though my phone and my GF's MAC are able to connect just fine.

      I tried all the suggestions on this site: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2779064/your-computer-appears-to-be-correctly-configured-but-the-device-or-res

      They didn't help, and in particular, when I got to the /release and /renew parts of the ipconfig steps, the command prompt returned messages about LAN, Bluetooth, WIFI, and ethernet all having their "media" disconnected, and therefore no operation was able to be performed on them.

      I also followed the instructions here, regarding the use of Google's public DNS:



      However, switching to Google's DNS did not help either.

      Any help is really appreciated, and I would be happy to provide any more details if needed!

      TLDR: DNS Server is not responding, common MS and GoogleDNS solutions did not work.