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    Sever fan speed too high


      We have a server that has a S1200BTL motherboard in a R1304BTLFANR chassis. We replaced the motherboard with a new S1200BTL motherboard with the same part number as the old motherboard(DA0S09MB6C0). We got it booting into Windows. The fans are running at max speed and all of the forum posts we have found say to update the BIOS and update the FRU/SDR. So we downloaded the firmware, put it on a USB stick, booted to the EFI shell and ran the commands below. We get prompted for serial numbers of the chassis and motherboard which we enter but it doesn't slow down the fan speeds. In the forum (link is below) a user stated he only entered the part number and serial for his motherboard and didn't enter anything for the chassis. We tried that but no luck. We also tried entering the serials/part numbers for both the chassis and motherboard but no luck. When we run the commands below is has the chassis  R1304BTLFAN listed as an option and you can also select other chassis. Is R1304BTLFAN the same chassis as R1304BTLFANR (has an R at the end)? The sticker on our chassis has R1304BTLFANR with the R. Can we leave out certain numbers and have it still slow down the fan speed? We have been trying different combinations with no luck. We verified the serials/part numbers are correct. We also flashed the BIOS. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong. I'm followed tons of articles with no luck. Some of the stuff I followed is below.


        FRUSDR /fru BTP_BMC.fru

        FRUSDR /cfg master.cfg


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