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    RAM compatibility




      I own an Intel NUC6i5SYH. It has been running with Kingston RAM (KHX2400C1454/8G), that was recommended for my system about two years ago.


      Now I have just bought some new RAM for my server (Acer Revo Cube N76). Since the new RAM seems to be a little better (2.666 instead of "just" 2.400), I would like to use the Kingston RAM for the server and the new (better) RAM for the NUC being my desktop computer. I hope that this might speed up my primary system a little.


      Does this Ballistix RAM work flawlessly with my NUC? Ballistix BLS2C8G4S26BFSDK


      Do you know if the older Kingston RAM works with my Acer Revo Cube (N76)? Customer support by Acer was not that helpful, unfortunately.


      Thank you very much in advance!





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          Hello P-A-L-A-D-I-N,


          Thank you for posting on the Intel ® communities.


          Intel Customer Service no longer responds to telephone, chat, or e-mail inquiries for NUC6i5SYH, but you may want to try our "Discontinued Products Community" to get recommendations from fellow community members. You may also find the "Discontinued Products Website" helpful to address your request:


          Discontinued Products Community




          Discontinued Products Website




          Keep in mind that other community members may assist since Intel will not provide any assistance on the Community. It is also worth mentioning that you can verify additional information about this product's discontinuance status at http://ark.intel.com/ > Product Status > "Discontinued".


          Just adding some information since I want to help you, the NUC supports two 1.2V DDR4, 2133MHz, Non-ECC, Maximum of 32GB. This tells us that the modules you mentioned should work properly with the system. However, the frequency will be down-clocked from 2666 to 2133 which is the maximum supported by the system.Regarding the Acer unit, I would not be able to tell since the specifications and the details of the unit are handled by Acer* themselves and they should be able to respond about it.


          If you need more assistance please refer to the sites or information provided above.


          I hope this helps.


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