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    What Is This Driver Update?


      I keep my NUC5i5RYH up to date by regularly using the DSA and by visiting the Download Centre.


      However, yesterday, whilst doing a routine Windows 10 update, Microsoft kindly downloaded and successfully installed under the section Driver Updates the following:


      Intel - System - 4/11/2018 12:00:00 AM - 1815.12.0.2021


      Does anybody know what this refers to and why the DSA did not request it?


      EDIT: Found it. It is the Intel Management Engine Interface, but it begs the question why did the PSA not request it?


      EDIT No. 2: I have just run DSA again and it says all is OK but under Intel Management Engine Interface it says the above driver is the Installed version but that the latest is version I am confused.


      Can anybody help me understand, please?