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    AI501 Week 5 Dataset 404-Workaround

    Gael Hofemeier

      The link for Ames Housing dataset used in AI 501, Week 5
      ‘Data Collection and Enhancement’ has been identified as broken and currently
      launches into a ‘404- Page Not Found’ error.


      The team is currently working to bring the link up.


      Meanwhile, as a temporary workaround, we have identified a
      link where the same dataset is present and can be used for completing the
      respective exercise.


      Please follow the steps provided below for completing the
      exercise -

      1. git
        clone  https://github.com/basilhan/datasets
      2. Upload
        or copy the ‘AmesHousing.txt’ from <path_to_the_cloned_”datasets-master”_folder>
        to the terminal
      3. Set
        ames_df in the exercise code as

        ames_df = pd.read_csv("AmesHousing.txt", delimiter="\t")
      4. You
        should now be able to execute the rest of the exercise successfully.