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    How to set up new RPM range for CPU FANs?


      Recently, I replaced CPU fans on my server machine

      The system  became much more silent.

      However under load system do not increase RPM and do not reduce when system is idle.



      I benchmark my system with CPU-Z

      When CPU reached the temperature 77C the CPU load drops instead of increasaing RPM

      Meanwhile, at CPU temperature 35C and below the FAN RPMs still remains the same


      I tried to change FAN profile in BIOS - it didn't help. RPM remains the same.


      The question is how to regulate RPM efficiently?

      Is there some tool or setting to change RPM range and CPU-FAN-RPM(from-CPU-temperature) dependency


      I have P4308CP4MHGC chassis with S2600CP2 Distil 5 motherboard

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