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    i7-8705G Vega M GL GPU Clock Speed stuck at 535 MHz


      Hi, I recently bought an HP Spectre 15 x360 with the Vega M GL GPU and have been troubleshooting some issues with it. I am experiencing two issues that often occur simultaneously though sometimes separately; The CPU clock speed momentarily reduces to 0.8GHz and/or the GPU clock speed permanently reduces to 535 MHz, with the only fix being a restart (until the issue repeats itself). I assume the occurrence of these issues is related to power states but I haven't been able to identify the trigger. I'm using HWMonitor to monitor the variables while benchmarking in Unigine Valley and there doesn't seem to be any relation to voltage or temperature, though I could easily be wrong.


      By undervolting/underclocking the CPU and playing with the hidden CPU power options under the power plan I have managed to all but eliminate the CPU clock speed lockups, but the GPU locks persist.


      I have only been able to complete two full runs of Valley without the GPU getting stuck at 535MHz; these two runs were conducted one after another without a restart in between. I have been unable to replicate the result since restarting.


      I would be grateful if anyone who has experienced this or a similar issue could comment to show the extent of the problem, and especially if they've found a long-term solution.