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    Distracted Drive Developer Journey - 5-part Series

    Gael Hofemeier

      Overview of a Use Case: Enhancing Distracted-Driver Behavior


      In this fast-paced world, multitasking has become a common way to save time—even while driving. Many road accidents take place where people lose their lives due to the distracted behavior of drivers. People behind the wheel need to avoid unsafe behaviors, such as talking to co-passengers, using mobile phones, and eating.


      To combat the issue of distracted driving and minimize the number of accidents, the plan is to investigate how artificial intelligence (AI) could automatically detect the distracted activity of the drivers and, based on the type of distraction, alert them as a safety precaution. We envision this type of product being embedded in cars. This use case explicates how a cross-functional team first delineates the problem and its parts and then how a developer solves this problem using AI.


      This five-part series of articles explain the entire process of how such an AI-based product would be created from scratch, taking you through the steps of conceptualization, research and development, and finally productization. While we give a sense of the entire process here, we take advantage of Intel® AI technology to emphasize the AI research and software-development part of the process.