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    Problem with computer not using Radeon graphics card


      I have the same problem othera have reported with being unable to force my XPS 15 2 in 1 to use the Radeon graphics card in "Railroad Empire".  I have tried all the steps in thread 77761, even launching the game from the Radeon control panel, but the game will not recognize the Radeon card.  The Intel graphics card will not support the game.   In the Railroad Empire community forum on Steam, it was recommended to open the game as administrator and that helps to make the game playable but still does not resolve the graphics card issue.  No matter what I do, the game will not recognize the Radeon card.  I hate the integrated graphic card and wish I had never purchased.  Have spent more time trying to get various games to play correctly than playing the games. Railroad Empire just won't recognize the Radeon.