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    USB SCP Overflow errors on USB 3.2 but not on USB 2.1 using same camera parameters


      I purchased a brand new Dell Inspiron laptop computer (I3567-3276BLK-PUS) with an 2.7 GHz Intel Core i3 and 8GB of memory to use with a RealSense D415 camera to record images. The computer has (2) USB 3 ports and (1) USB 2 port. With the camera plugged into the USB 2 port (and camera set to 640x480, 15 FPS, Z16 & RGB 8 and the RealSense Viewer identifying the port as USB 2.1), I receive NO USB SCP overflow errors. However, when I use either USB 3 port (with the same camera settings and the RealSense Viewer identifying the port as USB 3.2), I get frequent USB SCP overflow errors. Even if I slow down to 6 FPS I get the same results. I would really like to go to a higher resolution, but the USB 3 ports give errors. Increasing the resolution of frame rate does not seem to change the error rate, but I could be mistaken. Why does the USB 2 port work without errors but USB 3 ports do not? Are there USB port parameters I need to modify? Viewer is version 2.15.0 and the camera firmware has been updated to the latest version. Task Manager shows < 10% CPU utilization, < 65% memory (this is fairly constant), < 6% disk, < 5% GPU. Also, cable length does not seem to be a factor.

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