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    i7-8700k Temperature jumps.




      I'm currently facing an issue regarding temperature with the i7-8700k - On idle my temperatures are low


      CAM Temps.pngHWIMonitor TEMPS.png


      But as soon as my CPU load gets higher the temperature suddenly jumps.




      This is going from 25-30 Degrees one second - I put on Cinebench to increase the load on my CPU - To 70-80 degrees in one second. As soon as Cinebench finishes the temperature drops back down to the low 30's.


      I'm using Strix Z370-E Motherboard, NZXT x52 Kraken as my cooler and I have reseated it, reapplying thermal paste and such. Same result as the first time.


      Will I be doing damage to my CPU? How do I fix this? Is something broken?


      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.