Privacy Settings and "What Name Do Other People See?"

Version 5

    When I first created this page, the screens and directions were different. So here is an updated version of the page with new screen shots. Feel free to add comments if you have questions.


    When you log into the Intel Communities, you will see yourself welcomed with the name you gave as your real name when you registered. You will also see your registered name on everything you post in the communities. Everyone else will see your username. But you have complete control over what other people can see including the display of your registered name.


    To access your privacy settings you use the Privacy tab under Edit Profile. I created a second account, Intel_Fan51, to show you what I mean.


    When Intel_Fan51 logs in, he sees his full name, Mark Hanna, because Mark Hanna is the first and last name he used when he registered. The drop down next to the name gives Mark access to the Edit Profile action. The Privacy tab settings allow Mark or any other user to control how his information is displayed to other users.


    Step 1.  Click on the arrow next to your avatar:




    Step 2.  Click on the Privacy Tab



    Step 3. Make any changes in the VISIBLE TO list if you want to make any changes.



    When Mark clicks the Privacy tab, he sees a list of profile properties which he can control. The properties include visibility for name and email. Mark's username, Intel_Fan51, is visible to everyone. Mark cannot edit this setting and the username is the name anyone looking at one of Mark's posts will see unless Mark edits the privacy setting for Name.


    Mark's Name is set to be Visible to... Yourself.  This is the default privacy setting for Name. When Mark is logged in, he will see his real name displayed and everyone else will see his Username displayed. The same setting of Yourself is also the default setting for display of Mark's Email address. No one else can see it unless Mark changes the setting. If Mark wanted to change the privacy setting of his Name, he has a few choices.


    Step 4.  Select Save if you want to make changes or Cancel if you do not want to make changes.


    Here is an explanation of the privacy settings and how the privacy settings will work for you:

    Everyone:  Everyone who looks at one of your posts will see your name instead of your username.

    Registered Users:  Any user who is logged into the community will see your name instead of your username. Anyone who is not logged in will see your username.

    Friends:  The Intel communities have a feature that allows you to "friend" other users. Anyone who is your friend will see your name instead of your username.. Everyone else will see your username.

    Yourself:  Everyone sees your username instead of your registered name except for you. Unless you change your privacy settings, yourself is the setting for your name.