Intel® Joule™ Discontinuation Notice

Version 1

    Intel is discontinuing Intel® Joule™ compute modules and developer kits. To help customers manage through the Intel Joule discontinuance, Intel will support last time orders of Intel Joule products through September 16, 2017 and will fulfill those orders through December 16, 2017. The current level of community forum-based support for Intel Joule will continue to be available through September 15, 2017. The final release of the BIOS (1Jx) and Reference Linux OS for IOT (1706) developed for use with Intel Joule is anticipated in July 2017. After September 15, 2017, Intel will archive its online resources and maintain availability to the Intel Joule community until June 15, 2020. Files licensed under open source licenses will continue to be generally available in binary and source code on GitHub.