• NUC6CAYH freezes. Mouse pointer frozen. No keyboard response.

    I have one that I installed Windows 10 1809 Pro 64bit edition 6 hours ago.   RAM: Samsung M471B5173EB0-YK0 (1.35v, 1600Mhz, 4GB)   HD: Adata Su655 240GB SSD   BIOS updated to AY0057 (latest as of 11/...
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  • Will bluetooth keyboard suffer any lag if connected to wifi at the same time?

    Greetings,   Will bluetooth keyboard suffer any lag on cs125 2nd generation if wifi is being used to connect to internet at the same time?   Advance thanks for your help?
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  • Hades Canyon NUC Suddenly Ceased Working

    Hi all - Would greatly appreciate some advice.  I have a Hades Canyon, built this past summer from the Intel NUC 8 Premium VR Capable Mini PC Kit (NUC8i7HVK).  In the middle of being used yesterday, the scre...
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  • Compact Thermal Model File Type

    Hi,   We are wondering what the compact thermal model file type format would be.  For example, we utilize CREO flow would the thermal model associated would be a step file, .IGE file type, etc.   Thanks.
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  • I'm preparing to buy a NUC8i7BEH with Intel® Core™ i7-8559U Processor kit and have compatibility questions. Can anyone help?

    NUC8i7BEH with Intel® Core™ i7-8559U Processor kit I checked the compatibility list but it did not include some of my possible choices for memory and storage.  Has anyone had a problem using Crucial 1...
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  • NUC8i5BEH not displaying 10bit 4:2:0 YCbCr or up

    Hello,   I have a NUC8I5BEH(Intel Iris HD 655) which have connected to Sony XBR55X900E HDR 4K TV. This TV can display 4K 60hz 10bit 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4 with enhanced HDMI input (HDMI 2,3)      ...
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  • missing Intel® Graphics Control Panel

    Hi, please help me restore my Intel® Graphics Control Panel. Can't find it anywhere. I have tried going to forum and check. Yesterday i uninstalled and reinstalled both the audio and and the graphic drivers and e...
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  • NUC7I3DNK TC2 Displayport

    Hi,   I got myself this hardware (NUC7I3DNK TC2) and would like to use 2 displays with displayport input. I use HDMI to diplayport cable. I tried it with 3 different display already. all of them stay dark. ...
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  • BSOD after installing driver version

    My computer was up to date with the latest windows version (1809, Home, 64 bit) and even all drivers were up to date. On 28. november 2018 my computer received two updates via standard windows update.   Intel C...
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  • DC S3500, HPA, Page Size, Erase Block Size

    Hello, is it a good idea to activate HPA in DC S3510 SSD 120GB and 80GB and also for SSD510 serie 120GB and which size in recomded?   Does anyone know the page size and the block erase size of those ssd's? ...
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  • Intel HD Graphics 4400

    У меня ноутбук (lenovo z50) с процессором - i3 4005u, видеокартой - gtx 840m. И у меня проблема с драйверами intel graphics. При использовании драйверов, вышедших позднее 16.06.2015 (version, возникает ...
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  • Invalid Black Ops 4 Master Key

    I recently bought a PC that included a master key for a black ops 4 bundle. The day I received my computer package I tried enter the code into the website provided by Intel, after many tries of reentering the code it ...
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  • Intel HD630 : Strange/incorrect colors

    I just got a brand new laptop, a Clevo p650hp with an intel HD630, and noticed right away that there was a very obvious yellow tint to everything displayed on the monitor. Particularly obvious when compared with my ol...
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  • Looking for Error Log

    Hi,   Our dev team is currently working on developing a plugin for Unite 4.0. While trying to install our CAB for our plugin, we see a toast message in the admin web console quickly stating an internal server er...
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  • DH77EB won't booth with RX 580 Graphics card installed, boots fine with 660 ti.

    DH77EB won't boot with RX 580 Graphics card installed, boots fine with 660 ti. Will updating the bios to version 103 fix this? I can't do so with the windows installer, it says I have an unsupported legacy bios. I s...
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  • USB 3.0 Not Working Properly

    I have a very new Dell laptop touchscreen (Inspiron 15, 3567),  It's running Windows 10 pro. Everything is updated, on Microsoft and Dell and Intel sites. The machine has two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 po...
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  • NUC8i3BEH Activity HDD LED issue

    HDD Activity LED of NUC8i3BEH is lights up in all time on while the unit is working.   I confirmed that the bios setting. (BIOS is 0048) [Advance] > [Power] It value is "HDD Activity LED",  and [Beh...
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  • Farewell, Old Forum

    Farewell is not forever.  It is only for a little while.    So (with apologies to Vera Lynn), we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day.  ...
    Al Hill
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  • Unsupported System Drive

    Greeting, I recently bought Intel Optane 32GB to optimize my secondary WD Caviar Black 1 TB HDD (since I already installed my windows on my SSD NVME ) however after I installed intel optane memory. The program said un...
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  • SSD 540s compresses incompressible data?

    Good for you! Recently, I bought this drive and decided to test it. I was most interested in his ability to compress data, because in this thread I read about it. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the compres...
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