The industry is abuzz about the specification under development by the NVM Express Working Group call “NVMe over Fabrics” — for good reason.  The goal of this specification is to extend the highly efficient and scalable protocol for NVMe beyond just direct-attached storage to include networked storage.  For an excellent up-to-date background on NVMe over Fabrics, I strongly recommend the December 2015 SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum webcast, Under the Hood with NVMe over Fabrics, presented by J Metz of Cisco and Dave Minturn of Intel.


SNIA-ESF is following up on this webcast with another on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 10 a.m. Pacific that focuses on how Ethernet RDMA fabrics specifically fit into this new specification: How Ethernet RDMA Protocols iWARP and RoCE Support NVMe over Fabrics.  This will be co-presented by John Kim from Mellanox and yours truly from Intel.  The webcast is free, and you can register at  If you are interested, but can’t make it at that time, the webcast will be posted immediately afterwards at the SNIA ESF website:


David Fair


Chair, SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum

Ethernet Networking Mktg Mgr, Intel